Conditions For Refund
  1. Refunds are allowed only until before the date of departure provided by you during policy purchase. You are not eligible for a refund after your policy covered trip has begun.
  2. All refunds will be reimbursed only to the account that was initially used purchased the policy.
  3. All refunds will be subject to transfer and processing costs liable to be borne by you. The cost of the transaction may differ depending on the domicile country of the card/ bank used to make the purchase transaction and local bank charges.
  4. We initiate your refund process within 2 working days after receipt of request after verification of refund eligibility. However, the time taken for the refund to reach your account may differ depending on the card issuer, bank and/or country of cardholder.

Request for refund

Please fill the form below according to the policy certificate issued.